M1 Pull Tested Frame

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Product Description

Weighing just 86kgs our 3/4 bed frames are lighter than even aluminium tested bed frames. Our original design means that there are no protruding hinges when the bed it laid flat and the heavy duty rails negate the need for any front legs. This means that you can simply roll the bed out over any mess and go to sleep, no need to clear a space for legs, or scratch up your nice flooring!

This is very important, if you wish to use your bed as a seat when driving then do not compromise on quality if the worst should happen. All our bed designs have stood up to an M1 pull test at over 7 tonnes of force.

We’ve been making these steel frames for over 3 years now, gradually improving on the process and materials to provide the best possible designs. Each frame is made in a jig to ensure consistency, this means that all bolts and hinges line up exactly as they should, there are no rattles or wobbles, it locks solidly into both a bed and a seat, just like it’s supposed to! When finished they are electrostatically powder coated in a dark gun metal grey to blend in with your van and provide a hard wearing surface. Our frames are supplied with two three point seat belts.

Gas Ram
The gas ram helps pull the bed back into the seating position, so you only need to uncatch it in the morning and it springs back to a seat automatically.

Electric Actuator
These frames are fitted with a 12V linear actuator made with corrosion-resistant materials, giving it a study and practical splash proof finish and qulaifying for an IP66 rating. It is supplied with two wireless remote controls which work in ranges of up to 10m. Handy when you’re in the awning or in the front seat trying to reverse and just want the seat down for a second. It can also be controlled directly from the actuator if you misplace both remotes!
The actuator can also be stopped at any point mid-way between bed and seat to allow you to use it as a reclined seat.

We use industrial sealed bearings made from high carbon chromium steel to keep the bed sliding smoothly back and forth, lubricated with high thermal range grease (-20 to 120°C) to give you maintenance free operation in any condition.

All our bed frames are supplied with two brackets and four bolts used to secure it to your van. For step by step instructions to fit it click HERE

Additional Information

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 1840 x 1015 x 1009 mm
Frame Type

Gas Ram Assisted, Electric Remote controlled



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